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Independent, whole-of-market investment advice to help you make informed decisions about your financial future.


At some point in your life, you’ve probably set financial goals.

It might be buying your dream home, travelling the world, providing a good life for your family, or simply enjoying a comfortable retirement.

But how do you turn those dreams into reality? That’s where we come in.

At Belper IFS, we believe sound financial planning is the key to achieving your goals.

Our team of local, friendly and experienced financial advisers can help you create a personalised investment plan tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.

Independent & impartial

How we work

When you work with us, you’ll get step-by-step guidance that helps you turn your dreams into actionable goals. We’ll start by understanding your financial situation, including your income, expenses, assets and appetite for risk.

From there, we’ll work with you to identify your short and long-term financial goals and develop an investment strategy to help you achieve them.

As independent financial advisers, we search the whole market when developing your investment portfolio, selecting the most appropriate products for you.

One of the biggest challenges of investing is managing risk. That’s why we take a holistic approach to financial planning, helping you balance risk and reward in a way that aligns with your goals and priorities.

We’ll help you understand the different types of investments available and guide you in selecting the right mix of investments to meet your needs.

Your trusted partner

With you every step of the way

Investing is not a one-time event – it’s an ongoing process. That’s why we’ll work with you to regularly review and adjust your investment plan as your life and financial situation change. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive financial plan that can adapt to your evolving needs and priorities.

We understand that investing can be intimidating and are here to help. Whether you’re just starting your investment journey, or looking to take your investments to the next level, we’ll provide you with the expert guidance and personal attention you need to achieve your financial goals.

Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help you build a brighter financial future.

Make the right choices

What can I invest in?

The right investment advice can help you protect and grow your wealth in the most tax-efficient way. However, with such a diverse array of investment options on offer, it’s essential that you make the right choices. Each type of investment comes with its own risks. As with any investment, it’s important to consider your financial goals and risk tolerance carefully before making any decisions. Here are some of the options we can help you with:


money market funds and other low-risk investments provide the lowest potential return of all the investment options but are also the safest. It can be a good option for short-term savings goals or while waiting to invest in other assets.


ISAs offer a range of investment options, including stocks, bonds and cash. The benefits include tax-free returns, no Capital Gains Tax and flexibility. However, there are limits to how much can be invested in an ISA each year, and the returns may not be as high as other investments.


Investing in equities (stocks and shares) can provide high long-term returns and the ability to earn dividend income. However, stocks and shares can also be volatile and risky, with prices fluctuating rapidly, based on market conditions and company performance.


Bonds are fixed-income investments representing a loan to the issuer. Investing in bonds can provide a steady stream of income and a more predictable return than equities. However, bonds can be affected by fluctuations in the interest rate or the issuer’s credit rating.

Your investment preferences

Understanding risk is a vital part of the investing equation.

But it’s also very significant for us to understand your investment preferences.

Ethical investment is becoming an increasingly high priority for investors.

Climate awareness and treating and protecting sustainable assets and services can be an integral part of the investing criteria for some. Investments demonstrating responsibility shown by companies towards people or the environment can also be factored into modern investment solutions, whether in a pension or investment. If making a difference by positive impact investing is central to your beliefs and values, we’ll work with you to build a bespoke solution that meets these preferences.

Stress test and management

Not all investments perform as expected all the time. While past performance isn’t necessarily a guide to future performance, we can model the impact and consequences of unexpected under performance. We can stress test the impact of under-performance and identify the consequences should this happen on your financial position, so you can understand the risks and make the right choices.

Benefits of professional financial advice

Expert financial advice can help you make informed investment decisions and achieve your financial goals with confidence. Here are some of the benefits of working with Belper IFS:


Our friendly, local team of financial advisers are qualified and experienced, and can provide valuable insights to help you navigate the complex financial landscape.

Risk management

We’ll help you manage risk by providing guidance on diversification and asset allocation, so you can balance your investment portfolio to reduce risk and maximise returns.

Save time

If you don’t have the time or expertise to research and monitor your investments, then we’ll handle the research and analysis for you and manage your investments.

Emotional support

Investing can be an emotional process, and making irrational decisions based on fear or other emotions is easy. We’ll help you stay focused on your long-term financial goals.

Goal setting

We can help you define your financial goals, develop a customised investment plan to achieve them and stay on track by regularly reviewing your progress.

Tax planning

We can provide guidance on tax planning strategies and tax-efficient investment products and opportunities to help maximise your after-tax returns.

Leave a legacy

We can advise on the most efficient ways to transfer wealth or assets to your spouse or children using wills, trusts or other estate planning strategies.

Expert, friendly, trusted

Why Belper IFS?

If you want to protect and grow your wealth and secure your financial future in line with your aspirations and values, we’re here to help.

Whatever the stage of your financial journey, we’ll take the time to understand your current situation, appetite for risk and long-term objectives before providing tailored advice and recommendations that fit your circumstances.

Our passion lies in building a long-term relationship with you, providing quality financial advice and practical solutions to help you achieve your goals.

With our expertise and guidance, you can have peace of mind knowing that we’ll take care of all the necessary steps to make your plans a reality.

So, let us help you achieve your financial dreams today.