Enjoy your later years


Having explored your options at retirement, hopefully your post-working life is playing out they way you expected. We can help ensure your retirement finances stay on track.


By now you’ll have hopefully settled into some type of retirement, whether full-time or part-retired. You may have chosen one of more ways of receiving your retirement income.

Providing advice in the retirement space is not all about pensions. It includes using all your assets to provide you with the best retirement, which may include cash in the bank, investments or even property, whether your main residence or any secondary properties that may be available.

Like all best-made plans, circumstances sometimes overtake and unexpected life events can emerge. These could be good news – like helping your helping your children or grandchildren, or buying a holiday home – or bad news. Sadly, synonymous with retirement is ageing and failing health.

Retirement planning should incorporate the ability to accommodate circumstantial or economic change. Meeting your needs in all weathers. That’s where we can help.

By your side

Professional post-retirement advice

In younger life investment risk may be more acceptable than in later life. Your views aged 65 may not be the same a few years later, once you’re more settled into retirement. Investor psychology plays a part too. Fear of losing your working wage may mean a lifestyle if modified in retirement. Your ability to adopt and adapt must be factored in.

Often, clients feel they have a likely need for more money available in early retirement and less later. This is usually founded on the ideals of an active early retirement travelling the world and a slowing down in later life. While it may be true that we slow down, it’s possible to require more income in later life, to fund care costs or pay for someone to maintain your home that you used to maintain yourself.

Plan for the future

Why your need post-retirement financial advice

Cashflow modelling and investment risk management go hand in hand. We aim to ensure your income needs will continue to be met throughout your retirement or later life. Tweaking investment strategy may be necessary where possible. If you bought an annuity then there is no tweaks that can be made. Where drawdown was preferred, we need to ensure it is still likely to last to meet your accepted needs.

Financial forecasting may mean a restrained early retirement lifestyle, to allow the ‘spending handbrake’ to be let off later, if your funds are sustainable.

Whatever your situation, understanding your financial position in retirement and planning for the future is essential. We’ll be by your side to help you make the right chices so you can continue to enjoy your retirement with comfort and peace of mind.

Your investment preferences

Understanding risk is a vital part of the investing equation.

But it’s also very significant for us to understand your investment preferences.

Ethical investment is becoming an increasingly high priority for investors.

Climate awareness and treating and protecting sustainable assets and services can be an integral part of the investing criteria for some. Investments demonstrating responsibility shown by companies towards people or the environment can also be factored into modern investment solutions, whether in a pension or investment. If making a difference by positive impact investing is central to your beliefs and values, we’ll work with you to build a bespoke solution that meets these preferences.

Stress test and management

Not all investments perform as expected all the time. While past performance isn’t necessarily a guide to future performance, we can model the impact and consequences of unexpected under performance. We can stress test the impact of under-performance and identify the consequences should this happen on your financial position, so you can understand the risks and make the right choices.

Benefits of professional financial advice

Expert financial advice can help you make informed pension decisions and achieve your retirement goals with confidence. Partnering with Belper IFS for your pension planning offers several benefits, including:


Our friendly, local team of advisers stay up-to-date with the latest pension trends, regulations and opportunities to provide accurate and insightful advice.

Risk management

We’ll help you navigate the complexities of pension investments to diversify your portfolio, maximise returns and minimise exposure to market volatility.

Peace of mind

We’ll guide you through the process, answer your questions and ensure you clearly understand your pension plan and its potential outcomes.

Tax efficiency

We’ll help you maximise available tax relief, optimising your contributions to ensure your pension plan remains tax-efficient throughout your journey.

Goal setting

We can help you define your retirement goals, develop a customised pension plan to achieve them and stay on track by regularly reviewing your progress.

Long-term partnership

Your financial wellbeing and retirement goals are our top priority. We’ll be by your side every step of the way, adjusting your pension plan as your circumstances evolve.

Expert, friendly, trusted

Why Belper IFS?

Your retirement should be a time of joy, fulfilment and financial security. With Belper IFS, you can take control of your journey and build a pension plan that aligns with your dreams and aspirations.

Our passion lies in building a long-term relationship with you, providing quality financial advice and practical solutions to help you achieve your goals.

With our expertise and guidance, you can have peace of mind knowing that we’ll take care of all the necessary steps to make your plans a reality.

Don’t leave your future to chance – get in touch with our expert team today to start securing your financial wellbeing in retirement.